10 Shocking Cases Of People Marrying Animals

Millionaire Marries Dolphin

Most millionaires are considered to be eccentric people, but Sharon Tendler is probably a one-in-a-billion type of millionaire. In 2005, she actually married the love of her life Cindy who is a dolphin, in an Israeli resort. Sharon apparently met Cindy in 1990 when she first visited the resort and has been in love with Cindy since.

Karl Langerfeld Wants To Marry His Cat

Karl Langerfeld, the renowned fashion designer for brands such as Chanel, announced in 2013 that he wants to marry his cat Choupette. Apparently Karl is madly in love with the furry feline and even created the cornflower-blue contour collection after being inspired by the cat’s eyes. The seventy seven year old fashion icon even makes his maid write down everything his cat does whenever he isn’t home.