10 Shocking Apps That Are Completely Inappropriate

We live in a smart world now, filled with smart objects and semi-smart users. There are so many advances happening in the digital world that it has become hard to track. The large number of apps available across various platforms were first used as a selling point to lure more people into the only world. Now, the sheer number of apps available are shocking and if you look closely, most of them are quite pointless. There are also several apps that are very inappropriate, but it has become very difficult to put a lid of things. Here is a list of 10 of the most inappropriate apps that you can find online.


We like to think we are moving forward as a society, but things like the Gayometer pegs us back a notch or two. This app pretends to scan people for their ‘gayness’, just in case you were wondering if a friend of yours was in the closet.

Poo Blaster

This absolutely disgusting game has a very simple objective that most people never even think of outside their bathrooms. You need to get rid of the poo stains with your urine, and if you do, you move on to the next mark. That’s it!