10 Shocking And Interesting Facts About India

India is such a fascinating place because it is so full of contrasts. While it does have many Bollywood stars who make insane amounts of money and live ridiculous lifestyles; India also has intense amounts of poverty and is home to the most slaves that any country in the world has ever had. It has contrasts in terms of geography, climate, and culture, and so many of the things that are a cause for concern in India, are also causes for interest and fascination. India is such an incredible country, and this list gives ten different facts about it that are sure to astonish.


In some parts of India, cows are required to have photo identification cards.


Dowries are a very common thing in India. They are basically the price that a woman’s family pays a man so that he will marry her. Technically, dowries are no longer legal, but it still happens very often.