10 Revolting Things That Should Not Be Consumed But Are

When it comes to food, many are as we are; picky eaters. Although most cultures that are not considered the west tend to apparently eat anything with protein, we can say with certainty that we will never be one to try any of these dishes. Thanks to mostly Asian countries – and some places closer to home like LA and San Diego – we can all live full lives knowing what its like to eat things that we shouldn’t. This is a list of ten revolting things that should be used in food, but are.


In China some of the population have taken to Fetus Soup. This is created by marinating unborn babies in liquid with various other vegetables and spices in attempt to make a stew or soup. It is supposedly to assist with sex drive or fertility issues.

Blood Clams

With these clams being boiled for less than 20 seconds to ensure that the flavor remains intact, it ensures a lot of red mess on your plate. Think twice before actually consuming this tasty morsel though as you have roughly 15% chance to contract hepatitis.