10 Popular Music Genres You’ve Never Heard Of

Music evolves at such a speedy pace that it is so difficult for majority to keep up with the latest hits and developments in the music industry. Just one click on YouTube takes you from South Korea to Sweden, a thing that was almost unimaginable not so long ago. New genres are developed every day and are spread incredibly fast, with things such as KPop and EDM being the latest big hits that have taken the world by storm. We’ve dug a bit deeper and found top 10 super popular music genres you’ve never heard of. You might want to give them a listen, too.

Black MIDI

The concept of Black MIDI is very simple – cram as many notes as you can into a single song. Songs in this genre get to one billion notes in the span of just one song. Notable artists you should check out are Gingeas, RetroUniversalHT and TheSuperMarioBros2.

Kawaii Metal

Kawaii (cute) culture has taken Japan by storm and managed to find its place in many aspects of Japanese culture, including food, clothing, toys, and even the way people behave. So it was no surprise when someone decided to put a spin to it and release metal music influenced by kawaii, essentially mixing pop music with metal.