10 Pictures Of Kids Doing Hilarious Things

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Kids do some of the most incredible things when we least expect it. They’ll always eventually do bad things that they deserve to be punished for, but then they’ll reward you with something that will just make your jaw drop. Then, there are those moments that are simply downright hilarious. Whether they were sleeping on the TV or flipping off everyone on purpose or not, here are some of the funniest pictures of children you’ll ever see!

Pushing Somebody Out

We’ll assume that an argument got out of hand and the boy in the brown shirt thought it was time to kick green out. Since he couldn’t reach the door knob, sending them through the pet door was the next best thing.

Curious Traveler

On a hot summer day, one boy decided to drop trou on the sidewalk. Maybe there was some sort of swimming pool accident, but that didn’t stop one girl from seeing that he had something she didn’t have.

Peacing Out

Everything checks out for this skater boy with a skull skateboard, long hair, stocking cap, and throwing a deuce up at the camera. The only thing missing is the boombox blaring rap music.

Middle Finger

Somebody didn’t really enjoy having their picture taken with a group of other kids and a princess behind them. We’ll assume she has a similar stance on fairy tales.

Cool Face

The person taking this picture deserves a gold star. A perfectly-timed snap created the irony between this baby’s mushed face and his bib.

Booty Chaser

Girls are always a sucker for a man in a suit, and this guy didn’t waste any time trying to pick them up. Easy, fella. It’s best not to be too greedy when the dating life begins.

Checking Out Babes

Somebody’s getting an early glance at some hotties in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. However, it’s easy to tell that a clever dad was up to some tricks.

Digging For Treasure

Winnie the Pooh got more than he bargained for in this photo op with a very curious kid. Maybe it’s finally time to wear a pair of pants at these events.

Eaten By A Donkey

This kid looks like he got a little too curious while looking at the donkey. That, or he pet the animal the wrong way and now the donkey plans to have him for dinner.

Sleeping On TV

It’s not out of the ordinary to walk into the living room and see a cat sleeping right on top of the TV — assuming not all of them around the house have been upgraded to high definition displays. However, it’s pretty odd to find a baby make their way up one.