10 People Who Tried To Fake Their Own Deaths

James R. Lang

In 1992, James R. Lang having financial problems decided to fake his death on his way to work. He decided to push his car into a river and rode his bike to a pay phone, anonymously calling 911 to report the accident. After finding the car, they found that Lang had left bags of his own blood in the car, saying that he was supposed to cover the car in his own blood but forgot about it before pushing his car into the river. After 6 weeks, Lang went to the hospital where he was found by police. When confronted he admitted to trying to fake his own death and was not charged but was advised to get counseling.

Alison Matera

Wanting to quit her church choir, 27-year-old Alison Matera decided to tell them that she was sick with cancer and could no longer be apart of it. She then went on to tell them that she was receiving treatment and would only show up to church every now and then. In 2008, a year after claiming that she had cancer, the church got a call saying that Matera was dead, they then got another call from someone claiming to be her sister, saying that her body was being sent to her parents and they would have to do a memorial without her body. After having a memorial service for Matera, the police were called and she was found alive and well in her apartment, she claimed that she had just faked her death as a way to get out of the choir so not to hurt anyone’s feelings.