10 People Who Faked Their Own Abductions

Caitlin Rose Pare

Caitlin Rose Pare was a mother to her three-year-old daughter. One day after hurting her back at work, she got painkillers which soon led her to being addicted to drugs. Her addiction quickly got out of control and she ended up buying oxycontin and fentanyl on the street. After she built up a $350 debt to her dealer, Pare got the brilliant idea to pose as a kidnapper and send text messages to her family to get them to pay up the money, saying that the debt will be paid one way or another, alluding to a threat to her safety.

Pare’s mother contacted the police, who were highly suspicious about the story, even more so when they spoke directly with Pare on the phone instead of her kidnappers. In the end, Pare was confronted by the police and admitted she made up the whole thing to get money to settle her drug debt, but also admitted she came up with the abduction plot because she actually had been kidnapped by her dealer a week earlier for a few hours.

Ankita Lavender

When 16-year-old Ankita Lavender got dumped by her then-boyfriend, she was heartbroken and started thinking of ways to get back together with him. In 2014, the girl called her father and told him that she had just been kidnapped by two men. The police were contacted and began a huge search for the teen which led to Lavender being found by a driver on the side of the road.

During police questioning, Lavender broke down and admitted that the whole thing had been a hoax. She was trying “to play the sympathy card” to get her boyfriend back.