10 Of The Strangest Bets That Have Ever Been Made

Green Eggs and Ham

Dr. Seuss only wrote the book Green Eggs and Ham, which went on to launch his career, after a bet he made with the co-founder of Random House Bennett Cerf. The wager stated that Dr. Seuss would be unable to write a book with just 50 individual words, something that Bennett Cerf thought would be impossible. Not only did he write the book but it went on to be a best seller and inspire numerous other works.

Taser Punishment

While watching a NFL game in a bar, a married couple decided to add a bit more risk to proceedings by agreeing that whichever one of their teams lost, that supporter would be tasered by the victor. When Tinley Park’s Green Bay Packers were beaten by the Chicago Bears, the husband actually followed through on the bet and got out a Taser and shocked her three times. She phoned the police to stop further attacks and John Grant was arrested for felony possession of an electronic weapon.