10 Of The Most Terrifying Cases Of Arson

Being burned alive is probably considered one of the most horrifying ways a human being can die. It smells bad and is probably excruciatingly painful to anyone unlucky enough to experience the method of torture. Sadly, there are arsonists in this world who have no qualms about killing someone by using fire to burn down an entire building, no matter who is inside or how valuable it is. Sometimes these arsonists go free. Here are ten of the most terrifying cases of arson.

Sydney Ghost Train Fire

The Luna Park in Sydney was considered one of the greatest amusement parks in Australia. Their most popular ride was the Ghost Train. On the evening of June 9, 1979, however, someone snuck in and lit the train and its tunnel on fire. There were 30 passengers on the train at the time.

Multiple Deaths Of Clarence Roberts

Clarence Roberts, 52, was considered a highly prominent citizen in Nashville, Indiana. On November 18, 1970, his garage was destroyed in a fire. A charred body was found inside and was identified as Clarence. On November 29, 1980, another fire engulfed the home. Clarence’s wife, Geneva, was found dead alongside another body, thought to be the real Clarence Roberts.