10 Of The Most Shocking Headlines You Will Ever Read

The world is a crazy place, filled with unexpected things waiting to happen. This is what makes reading the news so entertaining each day, you literally have no idea what to expect. There have been some extremely bizarre events in our history that can not only shock you, but make you wonder what is going on with our species. The best part about reading shocking news are the headlines themselves. Most of the time they can be highly sensationalized in order to make the piece more alluring. Here are 10 of the most shocking headlines you will ever encounter.

Lady In The Sumo Suit

This headline is absolutely fascinating. There is so much information to absorb in this one sentence itself. This piece involves ex-lesbian girlfriends, a sumo suit, a gay pub and a man in a snickers suit. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Shakira Attacked By Sea Lion

Did you know that pop sensation Shakira was attacked by a Sea Lion? Neither did we, but apparently the mammoth beast mistook her cellphone for a fish.