10 Of The Most Radioactive Places On Earth

Every single individual on the face of the planet is exposed to some form of radiation every single day. This radiation comes in various forms, shapes, and substances, and is generally not harmful to us in the small doses we receive regularly. However, there are places on the planet where the radiation is so bad that people can easily get sick or die from being exposed to this environment for extended periods of time. If you decide to visit any of these places, wearing a radioactive suit and extra protection is definitely vital, otherwise you may grow a third arm or a second nose.

Hanford Nuclear Reservation Site: Hanford, Washington

Hanford, a large area known for its work on the US atomic bomb project, manufactured the plutonium used in the nuclear bomb that had been dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. Plutonium supplies have been decommissioned, but two-thirds were left in Hanford, causing contamination in the local groundwater.

In The Middle Of The Mediterranean Sea

A syndicate that is said to be controlled by the Italian Mafia is believed to use portions of the Mediterranean Sea as a dumping ground for various hazardous radioactive wastes. It is believed that around 40 ships full of toxic and radioactive waste sail through the Mediterranean, leaving large amounts behind in their wake.