10 Of The Most Fascinating Attractions For Tourists Ever Imagined

Tourism is one of the largest forms of income for every single developed country in the entire world. Tourists, besides being highly annoying individuals, actually spend a lot of money on attractions, rides, restaurants, and gifts for when they return home. An experience like that is worth the money some people are willing to shell out for the trip. In order to capitalize on such impressive amounts of money, there have been quite a few new proposed tourist traps to bring in some excess cash. These are the ten most fascinating tourist traps proposed.

Michael Jackson’s Laser Robot

In the mid-2000s, Michael Jackson planned on making a massive comeback to the music world by securing a spot in Las Vegas. He had planned to create a walking billboard in the form of a 50-foot tall walking robot that would circle Las Vegas while shooting laser beams from its eyes.

Miami’s Artificial Sun

Miami has long been a destination for tourists entering the United States due to the warm weather and impressive number of beautiful beaches. To capitalize on these landscapes, a pair of Swedish architects wanted to design a “Miami Sun,” which was completely artifical.