10 Of The Most Expensive Toys In The World

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As children, we all had that one prized possession, which was usually a toy, that we allowed no one to play with, even if we were in the room to witness their careful manner. That toy was usually only worth tens of dollars at best, and our parents had purchased it from the local Toys R’ Us. Well, there are some parents out there who are a bit better off than most people, so they can offer their children toys worth thousands, and sometimes upwards of one million. Here are 10 such toys that are worth more than you could believe.

Crystal Studded Etch-a-Sketch

Once upon a time, an Etch-a-Sketch could keep us entertained for hours on end. Most of these mechanical drawing contraptions were only about $3. However, there is one that was studded with 14,400 red Swarovski crystals. Twelve of these were made, and they were sold for $1,500.

Ride-on Plush Giraffe

Personally, I know of multiple people who have always wanted to ride on a giraffe. Now is the opportunity, though it will cost you $1,879 to do so. This Ride-on Plush Giraffe is big enough for almost anyone to hop on its back and go absolutely nowhere, since it is a fake.