10 Of The Most Bizarre Mysteries Of California

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California is known for some truly impressive tourists vistas, including Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, like most major states within America, California has a dark side, too. The atmosphere in the sunny state attracts some terrifying cults, such as the Manson Family. California is also home to more serial killers than any other state in the entire nation – besides Texas, of course. That being said, there are numerous bizarre, unsolved mysteries that have baffled authorities for many decades now, and some may never be solved. Here are ten of the most bizarre mysteries of California.

James Gilmore Jr.

James Gilmore Jr. was a young, 14-year-old boy out of Baldwin Park. He was known as the schoolyard bully, and ran with a teen motorcycle gang. While home with his younger brother, the boy ended up disappearing. Two decades later, his remains were found underneath the house, and it’s still unclear what happened to him.

Michelle Von Emster

On April 15, 1994, a nude woman was discovered floating along the beach in San Diego. The deceased body belonged to Michelle Von Emster, a 25-year-old drifter who lived in the area. Her neck had been broken, and multiple ribs, too. It’s unclear what happened to the young woman and whether she was murdered or her death was an accident.

Anna Waters

In 1973, Anna Waters, 5, was playing in the backyard of her family home in San Mateo County. After not hearing anything outside for awhile, her mother went to investigate. The 4-year-old was gone without a trace, and has never been found.

Georgette Bauerdorf

In 1944, Georgette Bauerdorf, 20, was discovered dead in her apartment within West Hollywood. The young woman had been an aspiring actress. Police believed the woman had simply slipped, but an autopsy revealed she was beaten, raped, and then suffocated with a washcloth.

Bryce Laspisa

In 2013, Bryce Laspisa, a 19-year-old college kid, was driving home when he called his parents before falling asleep in a rest stop. His car was later discovered lying on its side, the back window smashed open and Bryce was gone. He has not yet been found, and individuals are actively collaborating in the hopes of understanding what happened.

Christine Walters

In 2008, a couple discovered Christine Walters naked and bleeding on the front step of their home. They took her to the hospital, but she refused to explain what had happened. She later claimed demons had chased her through a forest following a demonic ritual.

Stephanie Crowe

In 1998, 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe was found dead in her own bedroom. Police could not find any evidence, including fingerprints or DNA, at the scene of the crime, though. Nothing was stolen, and there were no signs of forced entry. The young woman had simply been killed.

Keddie Murders

Keddie was once a small, quiet resort town filled with log cabins. That is until it became the home of a quadruple murder back in 1981. Sheila Sharpe, 14, went to her neighbor’s house. She came home the next morning to find her mother, her brother, and her brother’s friend tied up and stabbed to death. Her little sister was missing, and the case remains unsolved.

San Diego Murders Of 1931–1934

Sometime between 1931-34, multiple brutal murders occurred within San Diego. The murders were never linked together, but police suspected a connection due to the victims, all of whom were young females. None of them were ever solved, though.

Gary DeVore

Gary DeVore, a major screenwriter in Hollywood, disappeared on June 28, 1997. DeVore simply vanished without a trace, and then was discovered inside a aqueduct. Pieces of his car were near the embankment, but it was unsure what happened to him.