10 Of The Hottest Daughters Of Famous Athletes

Being the daughter of a successful athlete can be a hard thing to grow up with. Of course, they get all the advantages such as money, a comfortable lavish home and the best education but this might not make up for the fact that they are constantly in the shadow of their successful parents. This can be a psychologically difficult process to overcome, however if they can grow up to be attractive and intelligent women then they have a good chance of finding their own success and forging fruitful careers.

Deiondra Sanders

Deiondra Sanders may have upset form professional basketballer and baseball player Deion Sanders when she joined the Atlanta Peaches, a Bikini Basketball team, but she proved her sporting pedigree in a two-month stint. She is now retired from sport and studying at university to become a nurse.

Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca Gascoigne is the stepdaughter of the controversial but hugely talented former footballer Paul Gascoigne. She has managed to step out of the shadow of her adopted father and forge a successful career of her own, working as a glamour model, presenter and owner of a strip club. Her modelling work has included magazines such as Loaded and Nuts.