10 Of The Funniest Facebook Status Updates Ever

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Facebook is the world’s number one social media website with a billion users from around the world. One handy feature of Facebook is their status update feature. Status updates in Facebook are used to update your friends on what’s going on in your life, what you’re currently feeling or doing at that certain point in time. These status updates can be about anything you can think of: news, sports, love, pets and any random stuff you can think of. However, having a billion users means there will also there will be quite a number of idiots in the mix as well. Here are just some of the funniest Facebook statuses on the social network.

Burning Calories

Not the nicest thing to say, but that’s one way to look at things.

Best Prank Ever

We didn’t know so many people would get fooled for this! Hilarious way to get people’s passwords, and to see how gullable they are.


It’s probably a good thing to remind her ahead that spell check isn’t always available when she gets to collage…

True Words

She speaks the truth… Isn’t it ironic?

He Better Be Kidding…

Don’t whine about stuff you didn’t buy for yourself. Don’t have douchebag friends who intentionally embarrass you in front of your parents.

What Happens On The Plane, Stays On The Plane — And In Court

Has this guy never heard of ‘too much information’?

Color Blind

Legend has it that he thought he completed the puzzle, but just jumbled it.

Bad at Maths

I see what he did there! — Maybe he counted “i” as a letter, not a word?

2 to 4 Years

Just killed a few IQ points here.

Subway Sandwiches

Karma can be a bitch!