20 Of The Most Bizarre Jobs People Have Around The World

Hopefully you’ve worked some jobs that you’ve loved, and likely, you’ve worked some that had one positive — a paycheck. Whether you’ve had a job in retail, have been a barista or waiter, or even worked in telemarketing; these are some of the jobs that may have had you ripping at your hair. However, some of these jobs you’ll be glad you never had — you probably haven’t even heard of some, if not most, of them. And if you have been one of those unlucky people who have worked one of these jobs, be proud of yourself; not everyone is cut out for any of these.

Vomit Collector

Someone has to do it, but who knew it was an official job? It makes sense though; amusement parks are loaded with rides that scare the insides out of people, literally. So vomit collectors are paid to pick up your lunch after you hurl it on that terrifying rollercoaster.

Electro-shock Giver

Yes, there are actual electro-shock givers, called toques, who administer electrical shocks at $2-$4 each. Who wants to be violated in this way, you might wonder? Supposedly people believe that the shocks will either increase their buzz or help sober them up, so needless to say, toques are popular around the nightclub scene.

Portable Toilet Cleaners

The pay is not so bad, but your nose will surely take a beating to earn the money. Someone has to do it though — without Portable Toilet Cleaners, we’d have a different sanitation issue on our hands. Thankfully these guys don’t mind disinfecting the toilet seats, picking up stray toilet paper, wiping down walls and sucking up the waste!

Pushers (Japan)

You thought your rush hour was bad? During rush hour in Japan, there are paid pushers, called oshiya, whose job is to push people onto the train, making sure it’s packed to the gills. No worries on getting dirty; they all wear white gloves for the pushing. So much for having a coffee on your early morning commute.