10 Of The Deadliest Diseases Afflicting Mankind

Human beings, by nature, are an incredibly dangerous breed of animal. Throughout history, we have killed millions upon millions of our own kind, but not nearly as much as the silent killer: disease. Deadly disease spreads and affects humans without reason or mercy. Way back in the 14th century people were dying by the Black Death, today, people are dying from Ebola and worse. So, here are ten of the worst, most deadliest of diseases affecting mankind.


Cholera, an infection within the small intestine, is transmitted through drinking water or eating food that contains the feces of an infected individual. Around 5 million are affected each year, and 100,000 die from the disease every year.


While most people tend to get their shots for smallpox at a young age, there are still some countries that are afflicted by the disease. Smallpox has claimed the lives of many, many people, even today. An estimated death toll of around 500 million is in place.