10 Of The Creepiest Aliens In Hollywood

Aliens, whether you would like to believe in their actual existence or not, are incredibly cool, albeit a bit terrifying at times. In order to appeal to every science fiction fan out there, plenty of movies will throw in a scary alien or two, or perhaps an entire race, in order to ramp up the excitement a tad. Some aliens may come in peace, but more often than not in these movies they tend to come for the destruction of the human race. Love them or hate them, these ten aliens may haunt your dreams for some time after watching their films.


Alien was easily one of the most terrifying of all extraterrestrials created for Hollywood. Despite having a really boring name, this creature breeds within a human host, killing them in the process. They also truly enjoy killing humans in a variety of gruesome manners.


Although some may not find him scary, E.T. has remained within the hearts of viewers since his birth in 1982. The little alien creature may be lovable, but he is also pretty terrifying at the same time. Just look at that face and imagine it in the dark.