10 Of The Coolest Wearable Gadgets For 2016

Technology as a whole appears to be moving and increasing at such a high speed that it is difficult to keep track of every new release before it hits the market and takes the world by storm. These days, companies are working hard to launch as much tech as possible and put it into the smallest package possible, and they are actually succeeding in many cases. Portable gadgets are the new personal computer for the modern world. This year, 2016, appears to be the very best when it comes to wearable technology. Here are ten of the coolest wearable gadgets for 2016.


bPay is a new form of contactless payment in our ever-changing world. The folks at Barclaycard have turned a simple wrist strap into a payment device for quick swiping.

Skully Motorcycle Helmet

The Skully Motorcycle Helmet is operated entirely by voice recognition software, offering plenty of features a rider could miss, such as a GPS tracking device and a rear-view camera.