10 Odd Things You Don’t Know About Pollution

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Pollution is currently one of the biggest issues plaguing the world today. Nature and our own health have begun to suffer from all of the pollutants being released into the environment and atmosphere. There are a lot of surprising, bizarre ways that pollution is affecting everything around us, though. A lot of things you probably wouldn’t even consider, in fact. For instance, air pollution has actually been known to shrink your brain. Scientists are still figuring everything out. Here are ten odd things you don’t know about pollution.

Air Pollution Makes You Fat

Believe it or not, air pollution has been known to lead to weight gain in many individuals. The pollution causes respiratory problems, reducing the body’s ability to burn energy effectively.

Birds Sing Better

Pollution actually does have some benefits, according to scientists from Cardiff University. Apparently, various types of birds will sing far better and more frequently due to pollutants in the air.

Shoot Garbage To The Sun

There are so many landfills around the world that it is becoming a serious problem. Well, apparently, we are fully capable of shooting our mass amounts of garbage at the sun to be burned up.

Increase Your Risk For Suicide

Air pollution has actually been found to cause an increase in suicide risks for many individuals. Exposure to pollutants in the air can alter your brain’s thinking and functionality, causing depressing thoughts of suicide.

Shrink Your Brain

Long-term air pollution has been known to cause shrinkage within a person’s brain. Researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center examined almost one thousand healthy adults who were exposed to air pollution and discovered these results.

Study That Requires People To Breathe Diesel Exhaust

Those living in Canada can take part in a scientific study to reveal the long-term effects of air pollution. Basically, participants must breathe diesel exhaust fumes for two hours in a glass box.

Homing Pigeons Fly Faster

Although homing pigeons are not often used these days, they were discovered to fly faster while in polluted air, which is mainly over China at this point. Scientists are unsure why this happens, though.

Hong Kong Has The Worst Light Pollution

Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in the world, and is known for an urban night sky that is over 1,000 times brighter than anywhere else. The city has become the worst in terms of light pollution.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was actually known for having air pollution problems. Scientists found pollutant particles within the lungs of at least 15 Egyptian mummies, suggesting they had problems.

Help Us Find Aliens

Apparently, air pollution may help us find aliens within the universe sometime in the future. Pollutants can remain for 50,000 years, which may help determinate the age of any alien civilization discovered.