10 Movies That Are Shockingly Banned Overseas

Everybody has a movie or two they’ve seen over the years that can only be described as having “questionable content.” For the most part, the movies that have that kind of content are going to have content that we can all agree might be better left unseen by a large portion of a movie-going audience. On the other hand, there are places in the world that have placed bans on movies that you’re likely going to be quite shocked to see. Check out our list of 10 movies that are shockingly banned overseas and tell us what you think.


Count the government of Iran as one of those who is not a fan of this movie. The country banned 300 because it feels as though it depicted Iranian people as “demons without culture, feeling or humanity.”


This was a movie that was banned by Kazakhstan when it was first released because the government didn’t like the way it felt its people were portrayed. The country even sued the star of the movie but in 2012, the Kazakh government said the film had actually done wonders for its tourism.