10 Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry In The World

Even though the currency that we use and the items that we deem are valuable are constantly changing, human history has been littered with the occasional thing that has always been considered valuable. These types of materials range from food and water to precious metals such as gold. However, another example is jewelry. Its status as a symbol to show of wealth and to decorate the body has made any piece of jewelry sought after by almost every single person. In fact, they can be so in demand that some can even reach absurd prices, with some costing a lot more than you would ever make in your lifetime.

Belle Epoque Diamond Devant-De-Corsage Brooch

Commonly known as the 1912 Cartier diamond brooch for its simpler name, this piece of jewelry is made up of a collection of white diamonds and was put together in 1912 at a French workshop. It sold for $17.6 million when it went to auction.

The Perfect Pink

The Perfect Pink is rare in the diamond trade in that it is a perfectly rectangular cut piece that weighs 14.2 carats. An anonymous buyer won the jewel at auction in 2010 at the Hong Kong Christie’s auction house for $23.2 million.