10 Interesting And Funny License Plates

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Getting a vanity plate is a fun and light way of telling the people on the road a little more about yourself. People use them to talk about their profession, their hobbies and interests, and just to entertain people in general. It is a fun way of participating in the system while also bringing your identity to the forefront. A lot of people take their vanity plates quite seriously, and go out of their way to come up with cool and interesting ones. Here is a list of 10 funny and interesting license plates you are likely to see on the road.


This vanity plate was never meant to exist. It is clearly a mistake. Why can’t you CTRL Z everything in life!


A lot of people use their license plates to make interesting statements about themselves. This person just forgot to do that.

Not OJ

Isn’t it annoying when people constantly confuse you for a possible murderer? It is best to clear up this detail by using your license plate.


If you look at the license plate closely, you will see the name ‘Idiotboy industries’. Did you think this person was an actual idiot for just putting up the word ‘idiot’ on their license plate?

Hi Ugly

Isn’t it nice to have a license plate that manages to insult a thousand people every time you drive to work and back home?


A license plate can tell you a lot about a person. For instance, we know for sure that this person does not have a girlfriend, or a mother or sister who loves him.


At least it is satisfying to know that Voldemort has to deal with traffic just like the rest of us. That should be punishment enough for him, you don’t have to kill him now Harry.

Sue Em

Some people have all the answers to life. What do you do when any person or company bothers you even the slightest bit? Sue ’em of course. Maybe that’s how they afforded a Mercedes.


Clearly the person with the ‘B00BIES’ license plate and this person are best friends. Not only that, they probably don’t have any other friends either.


‘LOL WTF’ – a shoutout to the best online news source in the world!