10 Insane Things Governments Have Wasted Money On

Italy Blew 2 Million On An Elevator To Nowhere

Italy is known for having major corruption and mafia problems. So when it comes to the biggest governmental stupidities, it would be only foolish to expect Italy not to be on the list. A municipality in Sicily decided to build a two million dollar elevator that leads to nowhere. It was a pathetic attempt from the local government to boost the local tourism.

Hong Kong Spends Millions On Feng Shui

Hong Kong takes the practice of feng shui incredibly serious and the buildings are constructed specifically to allow qi, which symbolizes the life force, to flow through the buildings and boost life of the people living in them. If by the time your apartment is done and you feel as if your qi is damaged or isn’t completely there, you can file for compensation and will get money from the government. Essentially, the government pays you for having a feeling. The residents of Hong Kong got more than eight million dollars of compensation in 2014.