10 Infamous Sea Carcasses People Thought Were Monsters

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘globster’ this is basically a sea carcass that has washed upon shore. The water makes the dead body puff up into a glob, which many people believe to be a sea monster or undiscovered species before the scientists can come in and actually make a call on the species. Some of these have remain unidentified, though, which is rather odd. Here are of the most infamous sea carcasses people once thought were monsters. We’re not quite sure some of them weren’t.

Tasmanian Sea Monster

Discovered in 1960, the Tasmanian Sea Monster washed ashore in Tasmania. The dead creature had no bone structure, which made scientists believe it were a new species of mammal. The creature had no eyes, only a visible mouth, and was covered in weird white hair. It was over 20 feet in length. After analysis, it turned out to just be the carcass of a whale.

Bermuda Blob

The Bermuda Blob washed ashore back in 1988, when a fisherman by the name of Ted Tucker came across the blob floating just off the shore. The organism was reported to be completely white, with five limbs easily spotted. Advanced genetics determined that it was the remains of a whale.