10 Individuals Who Died While Trying To Recreate ‘Jackass’

Imitation has always been considered the most sincere form of flattery, but being flattering doesn’t always mean the individual is intelligent in any way, shape, or form. Some people learn that imitating their favorite action stars or comedians can often lead to devastating results. Take, for example, the Jackass series, which has garnered millions upon millions of fans due to how extreme some of the acts are. People tend to get hurt performing these stunts, and there are warnings not to try and recreate them at home. Young people do this anyway. Here are ten idiotic people who tried recreating Jackass at home.

Mark Ramiro

Mark Ramiro, 30, and Darnell Mitchell had been friends for 15 long years before attempting a Jackass stunt. The duo, after drinking all night and doing drugs, decided to dare each other. Mitchell was dared to take a bullet to the chest with a bulletproof vest on. Raimor aimed too high, though, and shot him in the upper chest, killing him.

Adam Ports

18-year-old Adam Ports and his pals decided to record their own stunt series. The four teens jumped into a pickup truck and went out into the country, where they threw flaming chairs off the bed of the truck. Ports lost his balance and fell out of the truck. He died from head injuries later that week.