10 Incredible Futuristic Weapons That Actually Exist

Weapons have played a huge role in human development and history, used in various wars to help settle disputes and show superiority. While they have always proved to be controversial, their influence on the world is undeniable and it is clear that they aren’t going anywhere soon. However, weapons are now evolving into the stuff of science fiction films. Many new designs no longer simply fire bullets or launch bombs, they use sophisticated emerging technology to incapacitate soldiers and impose order in new and innovative ways.

Active Denial System

Military forces across the world are always looking for new ways to combat enemy troops without killing or seriously injuring them. One solution that the United States has come up with is the Active Denial System, a sophisticated radar weapon that fires incredibly powerful radio waves. These waves are absorbed into the skin by anyone in range, where they then cause intense pain and a severe burning sensation without doing any lasting damage.

Vomit Gun

After being inspired by a former United States military research project that had intended to try to produce a functioning vomit gun that could cause people to be sick almost instantly, two men made their very own version. The DIY device cost just $250 to construct and uses pulsing LED lights to induce nausea and cause violent vomiting.