10 Important People From History You’ve Never Heard Of

There are historic figures who everyone has heard of – Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and so many more. These people have had books written about them, movies shown about them, and are known by pretty much everyone. However, there are so many more people throughout history that have dramatically contributed to the growth of humankind and the greatness of this planet, and pretty much no one knows about them. It really is a shame to let these historic figures go unnoticed, so this list contains ten different extremely important historic figures who aren’t talked about all the time.

Rick Rescorla

This man’s name isn’t well-known by many, but it should be, because he’s the reason that so many people survived the attack on the World Trade Center. He was a retired military officer, and he implemented escape plans for the building, making it possible for so many people to make it out alive. Unfortunately, he himself died trying to help others escape.

Harvey Hubbell

Hubbell was the inventor of the electrical socket, but he never really received the praise he deserved.