10 ‘How To’ Books That Should Be In Everyone’s Library

The best part about information and communication is that we can transfer we can easily transfer important information from one person’s mind to another using various means. Literature has been the carrier of ideas for centuries now, and has played a major role in keeping some of the most important pieces of information alive through the testing nature of time. Scientific and philosophical books have been vital in illuminating minds and helping people better their mindset and skills. ‘How to’ books are the newest way of helping people do things they could never do before. Not all ‘how to’ book are great though. Here is a list of 10 of weirdest ones in the market:

How To Avoid Huge Ships

When you are controlling a large vessel, it is absolutely vital to avoid other large vessels. Luckily ships are really slow, so you can probably finish this book by the time you close in on your first large ship.

How To Write A How To Write Book

Writing a how to write book can be a lot like writing a book about how to write. Its mostly about the writing, and just a little bit about the ‘how to’, as long as you put it in a book.