10 Horrifying Cases Of Medical Malpractice

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Doctors are generally some of the smartest members of modern society, as they spend nearly a decade or more in schooling in order to practice their healing craft on everyday members of society. They are paid very good money in order to accomplish this feat, despite the hellish nature of their everyday roles. Despite this, a lot of doctors tend to take a wrong turn somewhere in their careers or lives and end up killing or hurting innocent people because of a stupid reason. Here are ten truly scary cases of medical malpractice.

Rhode Island Hospital

While entering the Rhode Island Hospital for brain surgery, and hoping everything would go well, one man had the wrong side of his brain marked for operation. The surgeons cut open the wrong side, killing the man in the process.

Alexander Baez

Alexander Baez, former Mr. Mexico, was a long-time body builder who entered a hospital in the hopes of receiving pectoral implants in 1999. Upon awakening from the surgery, however, the man discovered a pair of breasts on his chest instead.

Carol Weihrer

Carol Weihrer suffered from pain in her right eye for most of her life, and finally decided to have the eye removed through surgery. It lasted five and a half hours. Unfortunately, Carol awoke during the procedure and experienced the entire thing.

Flammable Patients

Back in 2009, Janice McCall, 65, went in for surgery, hoping everything would go well. Sadly, the woman ended up catching on fire in the middle of the surgery. The cause of said fire was never released by the team of doctors, though.

Daryoush Mazarei

Daryoush Mazarei underwent surgery in order to save his life, but something went wrong and an object was left behind. The doctors in charge ended up leaving a 10-inch-long pair of scissors in his chest, and h could have died if the object moved.

Jesica Santillan

Jesica Santillan, 17, died just 15 days after she went under the knife for a heart and double-lung surgery. The major operation should have gone smoothly, but someone overlooked the simple matter that the organs were the wrong blood type for her.

Graham Reeves

Graham Reeves, 70, of Wales, died after two surgeons decided they needed to remove the wrong kidney from his body back in 2000. One kidney was healthy, the other was not. The mistake cost the man his life.

Kim Tutt

Kim Tutt was revealed to have a lump on her jaw while she went to the dentist. She was told she had 3-6 months left to live. She underwent a procedure that was said to lengthen that time. Three months later, though, it was revealed the lump was nothing. She never had cancer at all.

Paul Lozano

Paul Lozano was sexually abused by his mother for the longest time, so he went to a psychiatrist to help with the issues in his mind. One day, though, his psychiatrist decided to take over as his mother, then have sex with him. He killed himself.

Bryan Mejia

Bryan Mejia, amazingly, was born without arms and only one leg. However, an ultrasound from before he was born revealed the boy actually had every single limb on his body. The doctor somehow messed up, though, and the boy lost everything.