10 Horrible Atrocities Committed By Japan’s Secret Police In WW2

World War 2 was filled with various atrocities. Everything from the systematic slaughter of millions of Jewish individuals, to the Red Army cutting down their own soldiers for retreating to fight another day. The history books are loaded with tales of desperation, violence, and just overall depressing acts of hate and murder against fellow human beings. The Japanese Secret Police, however, were responsible for some of the most heinous atrocities during the war. Here are ten atrocities committed by the Japanese Secret Police during the war.

Pig Basket Massacre

The Pig Basket Massacre occurred after a group of 200 British servicemen found themselves trapped in Java during the invasion of the Dutch East Indies by the Japanese. They tried to fight, but the Secret Police captured them in bamboo cages. The prisoners were drowned or eaten alive by sharks after the cages were tossed in the ocean.

Operation Sook Ching

Operation Sook Ching, which was when the Japanese captured Singapore, was when the Japanese Secret Police deemed Chinese males between the ages of 15 and 50 to be highly dangerous. They were sent for screening, and those who failed were taken to holding areas. They were systematically executed and tossed into the ocean.