10 Hilarious Photographs Of People Being Scared In Haunted Houses

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Fear is one of our most primal instincts. It is the fear of death and our will to survive that has driven our evolution forward to its current course. There are many things in the world that man could have feared when we were first setting up our civilization. After ensuring basic security and well-being, we have now reached a point where we are willingly subjecting ourselves to fear once again. From jumping off a plane to watching a horror movie, there are many ways we scare ourselves on a daily basis. Haunted houses are a great example of fear being used for pleasure, and this list features 10 of the funniest pictures taken in a haunted house.

Scared Sisters

The mother seems to be making a run for it here, but the sisters have been scared silly!

Hold On!

The only way to get past something scary when you are in a group is by holding onto each other for comfort.

Brave Soul

This maverick decided to visit a scary house all by himself, and boy does he look like he is regretting his decision.

You First!

Only in times of terror do you understand who really wears the pants in a relationship.

Up in Fright

The girl with glasses seems to be suspended in mid-air thanks to the level of fear she is experiencing.

Don’t Look Now

It is best to look away when you are scared, much like the man with the white sweater. If you do try to keep a brave face when you are scared, you might end up looking like the man in the front.

Don’t Look Back

When something scares you, it is best to not look back and simply keep moving forward.

Protect The Chosen One

The person in the middle is being shielded brilliantly by his friends.

True Terror

Only the little girl in the back seems to be seeing the humor in the situation. Everyone else looks like they just saw a ghost!

Let It All Out

The boy with the cap on has no qualms in fully expressing his fears.