10 Hilarious And Adorable Pictures Of Animals Celebrating Easter

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The Easter holiday may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some great photos of animals dressing up as the Easter bunny. While the original furry mascot may be cute, it doesn’t get any better than putting two rabbit ears on an unsuspecting animal. Most will loathe what you’re trying to do them, while some will embrace the feeling of being a different animal. Here are some of our favorite pictures that we found of cats and dogs doing just that!

Not A Fan

This black cat certainly looked like it had better things to do than try on bunny ears. It’s even more hilarious considering how white and fluffy the ears are.

Ready For Their Closeup

These two dogs are seemingly in a better mood, and we like the addition of the sunflower costume. After such a meager winter, we’d also be happy outside in a sunny place like that.

Not Interested

This Yorkshire terrier doesn’t seem to care about the fluffy ears on their head. Of course, it’s always hard to know a terrier’s desire when all that hair covers their eyes.

Matching Costume

While this cat also seems to have as much excitement as the first cat on the list, it’s hilarious to see how well the white ears meshes with their white fur. We’d believe this cat had transformed into a bunny.

In A Costume

Taking it one step further, here’s a dog that’s completely in a bunny outfit. It’s hard to beat how adorable this picture is.

Removing The Ears

You certainly see a trend of cats not enjoying their bunny ears. This guy couldn’t even last to the point where their owner was finally able to press the button on their phone or camera.

Pugs Can Be Cute Too

The Pug breed is certainly a unique one — they all kind of look the same, and people either adore them or think they’re ugly. Even for those that don’t like their scrunchy face, they’re much harder to resist in a bunny outfit.

Look At Those Big Ears!

You’d think a cat that had to wear rabbit ears almost bigger than them would be deathly afraid to put them on. Instead, this guy seemed to embrace the challenge — and he looked the least angry out of the bunch.

Dog In A Basket

What’s a better gift than a huge chocolate Easter bunny in a basket? How about giving your kid a small dog delivered in a basket?

Carrying The Carrot

Well, we were lying when we said it doesn’t get much cuter earlier. We tried saving the best for last, and an already adorable puppy like the corgi dressed up as a bunny and carrying a toy carrot around — you just can’t simply beat the cuteness in this.