10 Hilarious And Adorable Pictures Of Animals Celebrating Easter

The Easter holiday may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some great photos of animals dressing up as the Easter bunny. While the original furry mascot may be cute, it doesn’t get any better than putting two rabbit ears on an unsuspecting animal. Most will loathe what you’re trying to do them, while some will embrace the feeling of being a different animal. Here are some of our favorite pictures that we found of cats and dogs doing just that!

Not A Fan

This black cat certainly looked like it had better things to do than try on bunny ears. It’s even more hilarious considering how white and fluffy the ears are.

Ready For Their Closeup

These two dogs are seemingly in a better mood, and we like the addition of the sunflower costume. After such a meager winter, we’d also be happy outside in a sunny place like that.