10 Far-Fetched Cases Of Animal Smuggling

There are quite a few laws in place for those who are looking to smuggle animals from country to country. Disease is one of the major concerns the government has when it comes to bringing a new species into the country, and animal welfare is another major reason why they don’t want people bringing new animals in. Anyone who wants to bring said newfound pet on a plane into a major airport, however, will likely find some manner to do so. These people are quite determined, mind you. Here are ten far-fetched cases of animal smuggling. We promise they really happened, though.


Lee Arden is the owner of The Spider Shop in Wales, the biggest arachnid shop in the entirety of the United Kingdom. While traveling from Brazil to London, his luggage was discovered to contain over 1,000 spiders of different kinds.


Piyawan Palasarn was hoping to get through airport security with his two-month-old tiger cub, which he had sedated thoroughly. The tiger was packed in with other toys, including a tiger cub stuffed animal, to make it appear similar.