10 Facts You May Not Know About Justin Bieber

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The world of music and entertainment was never the same after the introduction of one kid by the name of Justin Bieber. Even as pre-teen girls swooned over his voice and music, the world began to grow a strange hatred towards the teen idol. He did not do himself any favors by engaging in rebellious behavior time and time again, but he is now a grown up now and seems to be a different artist altogether. Here is a list of 10 facts you may not know about the boy wonder.

Self-Taught Musician

Bieber knows to play four instruments – piano, guitar, trumpet and drums. Shockingly, he learnt all four instruments on his own.

First Love

He learnt to play the drums before any other instrument, and he apparently did so at the tender age of two. He still packs every concert with at least one drum solo because it is supposed to be his favorite instrument.

Favorite Drink

A kid has got to chill right? When Justin Bieber wants to grab his favorite beverage, he goes to Tim Hortons for an Iced Cappuccino.

Ocean Lover

Justin Bieber loves the ocean so much, that if it were up to him, there would be no more sharks left in the water. He loves to ride his jet ski whenever he gets the chance.

Mall Rat

Bieber loves the mall and that actually comes as no surprise considering his age. He stops to visit a mall at every city he tours in.

Favorite Candy

The Biebs loves ‘Big Foot’, which is the Canadian version of jolly ranchers.

Choice Of Ride

Bieber likes to use his own private bus more than a plane while traveling. This is because his bus has a queen size bed, six bunks and feels like his own private home.


He suffers from Claustrophobia, and is most uncomfortable in crowded elevators.

Toothbrush Troubles

He never remembers to pack a toothbrush whenever he leaves on tour and ends up having to pick up a new one every time.

Celebrity Crush

Justin Bieber has a huge crush on Beyonce and you can’t really blame him for it. He has made his feelings about the singer public on numerous occasions.