10 Dark Origins Of Everyday Phrases

There are a lot of seemingly innocent phrases out there being used by everyday people that had surprisingly dark historical backstories behind them. The types of people who use such phrases generally don’t know about such ancient origins, which makes sense considering they keep using them. For example, a cakewalk was a dance done by slavers for their masters. Little phrases like that are pretty dark in origin when you truly learn where they came from. Here are ten dark origins of everyday phrases.

‘Sold Down The River’

The phrase ‘Sold Down The River’ generally relates to someone being cheated or betrayed. In reality, the phrase comes from the slave trade-era in Mississipi, where slaves were sold down the river to other cities and states.

‘Smart Aleck’

Being a ‘Smart Aleck’ generally means you are being irritating to those around you by being a know-it-all. In the 19th century, Alex Hoag, a famous robber, would lure victims into an alley and rob them blind.