10 Dangerous Lies Told After Devastating Attacks

The world has recently been shocked by multiple terrorist attacks all emanating from the likes of ISIS, one of the largest and most well funded terrorist organizations in the world. The recent assault in Paris was not the only devastation to occur, and yet it was one of the most gruesome for the western world. In the wake of such attacks, people take to the internet and begin to spread fear – their own fear. Lies are told to those who will listen, and these tall tales will end up getting someone seriously hurt or killed in the long run. Following Paris, for example, it was said that Muslims in the UK were celebrating the bombing and shootings. This was, obviously, completely false. Yet it was spread throughout the world. Here are ten dangerous lies that people have told after a devastating attack.

Brave Muslim Bomb Stopper

At the Stade de France in Paris, a would-be suicide bomber was stopped by a security guard before he could enter. The vest was detonated outside, killing only the guard and the bomber. The security guard was a Muslim named Zouheir. Because he was a Muslim, however, the media refused to report on the matter.

UK Muslims

Following the recent Paris attacks on November 13, 2015, which ended with around 130 people dead, various videos showed Muslims within London smiling, celebrating, and waving Islamic flags. The video quickly received over 500,000 views. The video was not actually from London, and could have brought further attacks to the people there.