10 Cursed Items With Horrifying Histories

History has provided a plethora of objects that just seem to radiate bad luck. Depending on your beliefs, the following examples will either seem like amazing coincidences or the signs of something evil and invisible lurking nearby. Faced with the bizarre luck surrounding each object, the past owners always became eager to pass on each item, and many of these objects have found their way into various museums, where they reside with warnings signs placed before them. These objects may inspire a subtle, creepy fear in some people, or mocking laughter in more realistic people, but we can say one thing is certain: it is better to avoid these objects, rather than tempt the wrath of things we cannot see.

Myrtles Plantation Mirror

Myrtle mansion is already notorious for being haunted. A mirror in its first-floor hallway is believed to contain the spirits of Sarah Woodruff and her children, who were all poisoned and killed on the estate. Present-day guests to the mansion still claim to see handprints on the mirror, along with dark figures moving about.

Busby’s Stoop Chair

Convicted murderer Thomas Busby was sentenced to death in the early 1700’s. He requested a final meal at his favorite local pub. Upon finishing his meal, Busby stood up and exclaimed, “May sudden death come to those who dare sit in my chair!” Supposedly some 63 people have died after sitting in the chair, some only moments after getting up. The pub owner in 1972 finally realized the death toll was getting too creepy, so he donated the chair to a museum.