10 Creepy Places In America You Will Never Want To Visit

There are several locations that have a reputation of being haunted. Some of these locations host beings that are usually friendly and pose no threat to people. However, other haunted locations are homes to hostile beings who are not shy in showing their displeasure of the living. From the ghost of Marilyn Monroe to a ghost truck which chases people off a cliff, America has had a very long history of paranormal happenings which haunt visitors and locals alike. Here are 10 creepy places in America you will never want to visit.

Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner, contains several ghosts, including ghostly kids playing by the pool and the spirit of a sailor accidentally killed while fleeing a fire.

Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles, California

Roosevelt Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in Los Angeles, is as haunted as it is famous. Hear Montgomery Clift and his trumpet around room no. 928 or stay in room no. 229 to get a glimpse of actress Marilyn Monroe.