10 Cool And Crazy Products That Are Portable

The best part about technology is that it isn’t just growing at a maddening pace, it is also adapting appropriately based on the needs of various people. Every important invention has now been re-invented ten times over just to maximize the potential of a great idea. Portability is one of those facets that everybody pays close attention to. Making a computer was great, but making it portable and converting it into a laptop made it even more impressive. There are a lot of products that are portable these days, keeping in tune with the needs of the modern person on the move. Here is a list of 10 of the coolest and wackiest portable products in the market.

Portable Pizza Oven

For all those people out there who just can’t stay away from Pizzas no matter where they go, the portable pizza oven has been made just for you. It runs on a 12 V power source and offers a top-to-bottom heating mechanism to make sure that the pizza cooks evenly.

Portable Espresso Maker

What better way to ensure that you have a great start to your day no matter where you go, than by having a portable espresso maker. This awesome product is called TWIST, and it is the first completely portable expresso machine in the world. You just need to add hot water to the brew, and it produces great espresso without even an external power source.