10 Common Misconceptions About The Christmas Holiday

Christmas is easily the most popular holiday around the world. Celebrated on December 25th each year, it is for the celebration of the birth of God’s son, Jesus Christ, the Christians’ Lord and Savior. To celebrate, many business close up shop and the day is spent with family eating huge meals and exchanging gifts. Over the years, the focus has transitioned a bit as more service industries are open later or all day and the NBA has expanded to broadcast five straight games on national TV, the most they show at one time all year. Here are some common misconceptions about the holiday you probably didn’t realize you had wrong.

Jesus Wasn’t Born On December 25

No one knows the real date, but it was most likely not the 25th of December as the Bible refers to shepherds being in fields and that wouldn’t happen in the cold winters. Christians also wanted to have their own holiday to take away from the pagans celebrating the winter solstice, which is just days before Christmas.

Three Kings Didn’t Visit Jesus

Another mythical story were three kings that met Jesus shortly after his birth. Instead, they were wise men who likely met God’s son a few years after his birth.