10 Bizarre And Crazy Sculptures From Around The World

Art is open to interpretation, which is why you see so much variety and diversity in the field. The highly subjective and perception-based nature of art leaves it open to some great works and some truly shocking works. There are some pieces around the world that are hard to make sense of, even for the most ardent fans of art. They are purposely distorted and are created to draw a reaction from the audience. There are many sculptures that fall into this exact category. Here is a list of 10 totally bizarre and insane looking sculptures from around the world.

Hanging Statue

This extremely realistic looking statue is aptly title Hanging Statue. It can be found in Prague, Czech Republic and was created by David Cerny. It is made out of bronze and is supposed to represent the fall of communism.


This unique piece was named ‘Planet’. Maybe this was because the artist Marc Quinn believed that our planet is very similar to a new born infant – innocent, full of potential and naïve. It can be seen at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.