10 Awesome Discoveries About Water On Mars

Mars has been a huge topic of conservation for many space-loving people out there, and for good reason! It is a planet that has a huge potential for hosting life, if only a few factors were changed. Over the last fifty years, the idea that water exists on Mars went from being a mere speculation to a proven reality. This has made a drastic impact on how scientists and astronauts view space and space travel. This list contains ten different discoveries made over the years about water on Mars.

The Search For Water

The search for water on Mars has taken precedence over pretty much everything else on that planet. All recent spacecrafts and rovers have been focused to search for water, rather than “life” because scientists believe that with the discovery of water, there will be the discovery of life as well.

Water Globules Found On Mars

In 2008, a Phoenix rover dug up chunks of a bright substance that first merged together and then disappeared over the next four days. Scientists concluded, based on the evidence, that the substance was most likely liquid water that evaporated.