10 Awesome And Creative Cover-Up Tattoos

Putting ink under your skin is a quite permanent decision. Even though there are certain laser-removal techniques that will help you out with a regretful tattoo, the health of your skin is at risk. Furthermore, laser-removal is quite expensive and doesn’t achieve great results all of the time. With that in mind, if you have the name of an old lover tattooed, or something that you’ve inked on your body on a drunken night, you should rather think creativly than simply going for the easy option of laser removal. And making the best out of theirs situations, that’s what these people did. Without further adieu, here are 10 awesome cover-up tattoos.

Right Through the Heart

It seems like Timmy has left quite the mark on this person’s heart. However, they did the best of the situation and inked-away the wounds with this awesome pierced heart cover-up tattoo.

The Butterfly Effect

It seems like this girl wanted to fly away from her troubled love and metaphorically, that’s exactly what she did. The result being this amazing butterfly tattoo!