10 Amazing Facts About Planet Earth

Planet Earth is one of the most varied and wonderful things in the entire universe. Not only is it our home but it is also host to all manner of different animals, plants, and organisms, making it truly unique. While alien worlds may grab the imagination more than this planet, it is just as spectacular as those, with climactic weather, fascinating natural phenomena and a history that is greater than any fictional world. No wonder then that there are so many amazing facts that you may not have known about the Earth.

The Magnetic Poles Switch

Although we have used the magnetic field of the Earth for decades, it turns out that the magnetic poles actually reverse relatively regularly. The last time this happened was 780,000 years ago and they are a result of spontaneous shifts in the dynamo action of the planets molten iron core.

A Volcano Has Been Erupting For 2,000 Years

The Stromboli Volcano in southern Italy is the most active volcano on the planet. It has been continuously erupting in rapid explosions for around 2,000 years.