10 Amazing Facts About Bruce Lee You Probably Didn’t Know

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Bruce Lee was a Hong Kong martial artist, filmmaker, philosopher and action film actor. He was the child of Cantonese opera singer Lee Hoi-Chuen. Lee was introduced to the film industry by his dad and appeared in many movies as a child actor. The actor is considered by media, critics and commentators to be one of the most prominent martial artists of all time. This list contains some amazing facts about Bruce Lee you probably didn’t know.


The actor had the ability to replace a dime on a person’s palm with a penny before they could close it.

Dragon Flag

This photo shows Lee performing the Dragon Flag. A position Bruce Lee could hold for over 30 minutes.

Bruce Lee Was Very Fast

Movie directors had to shoot the actor’s fight scenes at 32 fps instead of the normal 24 because he was very fast and to make them appear more realistic.

Bruce Lee Was Very Strong

Bruce Lee kicked a person so hard that it broke the arm of a bystander when the person fell into him.

Push Ups

The actor had the ability to do push ups using just his index finger and thumb – on one hand.

Game Of Death

The last film (Game of Death) of Bruce Lee contains footage of his real funeral with close ups of the actor in his coffin.


Back in 1962, the actor landed a kick and 15 punches that knocked out his rival in a fight that lasted just 11 seconds.

Golden Gate Girl

Lee’s first film ‘Golden Gate Girl’ was shot in America, but was not released in America till 5 years after it was released in China. Bruce Lee was only 1 at that time.


Chuck Norris, James Coburn and Steve McQueen were amongst the pallbearers at the funeral of Bruce Lee.

Half German

The actor was part German (his mom was half German).