10 Actors Who Went Through Dramatic Weight Loss For Roles

Many people think that actors have a pretty easy life. After all, they get paid huge sums of money to spend a few weeks filming before getting to live a life of luxury until the next movie comes along. That isn’t exactly the case though as acting is not only notoriously difficult to break into but can also require huge sacrifices on the part of those taking up the roles. One of the most common is the requirement to lose a large amount of weight for a particular portrayal, something that most people would find incredibly difficult.

Seth Rogen

Comedian and actor Seth Rogen has long accepted the fact that he was slightly overweight, often making reference to it in other films. For The Green Hornet, Rogen had to lose 30 pounds to play the lead character.

Natalie Portman

While Natalie Portman has never exactly had any excess weight on her throughout her career, she still had to lose a significant amount of weight for Black Swan. This was largely for realism, as those in ballet will often have to go on strict diets to get to their required weight.