Top 10 Reasons For Those Nasty Break-ups

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Love isn’t always forever. There are times when love makes way for separation. And these times come upon all kinds of love and for all kinds of reasons. When you get in a relationship, you should know the dangers that come with it. Break-ups mean pain. That is why you should steer clear of anything that comes between you and the love you deserve. We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons couples break up. Does any of them ring a bell?

The Control Factor

Often in a relationship one partner tries to control the other. This either results in a break-up or in a painful relationship. Either way it is tough. The way out is to give each other space realizing that the other partner also has his/her own story. Never sacrifice mutual faith, trust and love for control. It isn’t worth it!

The Green Eyed Monster of Jealousy

Jealousy rears up its ugly head at the most unexpected moments. You are enjoying sailing in the calm ocean of love and togetherness when suddenly the winds of jealousy capsize your boat and you have to bail. Jealousy has its roots in feelings of inadequacy but also happens when the other partner does not respect your emotions.

Lack of Fidelity

The most publicized, talked about, and hated reason for break-ups is lack of fidelity. If you can’t keep your love focused to one partner, you may be asking for trouble. It’s common sense. Fidelity has always been a key factor in healthy loving relationships and likely will always be so. If you have a partner who trusts you, give them more reason to.

The Family

Sometimes (and this is sad) it is the family that is responsible for a break-up. If your would-be mother-in-law or father-in-law doesn’t take a liking to you, your partner (depending on their nature) may reject you. Blood ties go a long way and sometimes you need to be smart and amiable to get your partner’s family to like you.

No Fun in Bed

If your partner is no fun in bed, after a time you might feel the biological need for another partner. Sex is one of the top reasons people get into relationships and when the sex isn’t worth it, the relationship may be doomed to a break-up. Sex is something that can be improved, though, and it is something that brings fulfillment to both partners.

Bad Health

If one of the partners is in a bad health spiral it may signal a break-up. Often people don’t take care of basic health needs like eating healthy and working out and this may tick off the other partner. This is one of the most unnecessary reasons for separation since health is a positive for both partners and staying healthy together is one of the best ways to take a relationship forward.


As partners each individual needs to be sensitive to the needs, desires and even whims of the other partner. A lack of sensitivity and bringing a loved partner to tears is enough to cause a break up. Remember birthdays and anniversaries and please be choosy with words and gestures.

Money Problems

Sometimes money does make a relationship work and problems with money result in the relationship dive-bombing. Money can’t buy you love, they say, but it can be the reason for a break-up if there is not enough of it.

Personal Hygiene

Often partners get so offended by the odor being emitted by their other halves that a break up is inevitable. No one wants dreams of a garbage can. Relationships are about feeling better and if you aren’t able to make your partner feel good, chances are they might have second thoughts about being with you. Hygiene is a key hidden factor in good relationships.

Need For Individuality

Face it. You and your partner are individuals. Two personal selves. Two wholes. Each has a need for time and space. Each has a need for individuality. Apart from those romantic moments where you seem to dissolve into each other, partners need personal identity, space and individuality. Make it a point to give his/her need for individuality, fulfillment.